Iviatation Servia 2010

Tuesday, 27 April 2010
FAI / CIVL – Category 2 Event
Organiser: Hellenic Aeronautical & Airsports Federation
Location: Kastania village, of the Servia city area, GREECE
Take off Mt. Titaros or Mt. Olympus.
Landings  Servia city or Kallithea village area.
Dates: 10-18 July 2010 (18th of July is an alternative day in case the minimum requirement of 4 valid competition days is not accomplished)
Requirements for
Acceptance of competition rules & regulations.
Compliance with legal requirements (any restricted areas,  etc).
Valid pilot’s licence.
Valid FAI Sporting Licence.
Certified glider (no prototypes).
3rd party liability insurance.
Helment and rescue parachute.
Emergency rescue and medical insurance
Registration: On line at here.
Registration Deadline: 05 July 2010   14.00 hrs
Entry fee: 50€ (fifty euro) per participant.
To be paid in cash at Official GPS-Registration at the competition Headquarters.
Late Registration    outside official GPS-Registration period, additional charge of 10€ (ten euros).
Official GPS-registration: Friday, 9 July 2010 from 18:00hrs to 21:00hrs.
Saturday, 10 July 2010 from 08:00hrs to 09:30hrs
at Competition Headquarters which is located in the village of Kastania at the old school.
Entry fee includes: Competition documents (maps, etc).
Daily lunch pack.
Free entry to any official events.
Competition Program:
09/07    18:00-21:00 Official GPS-Registration
10/07    08:00-09:30 Official GPS-Registration
09:30 Team Leader Briefing
09:45-10:30 Transfer to Takeoff
11:00 Task Committee selection
12:00 Pilot Briefing
11/07-16/7    09:30-10:30 Transfer to Takeoff
12:00 Pilot Briefing
17/7 Last Competition Day
09:30-10:30 Transfer to Takeoff
11:30 Pilot Briefing
21:30 Award Ceremony & Official Dinner
Tasks: Cross Country flights
Scoring program: FS - Flight verification and scoring software FS is a new program to be the next step after Race.
Verification: GPS tracklogs only, as per FS scoring program.
It is the responsibility of the participants to provide a GPS that is compatible to the scoring program announced, that the GPS can be downloaded and to carry with him a suitable cable for download.
Awards: Trophies and certificates.
Organisation: Lillian LeBlanc  Tel:  0030-6944363693
Meet Director: Charalambos Terzis
Scoring: Giannis Mitropoulos
Protests: Latest 90 minutes after display of official results.
Protest fee :    50€ euros
Liability: The organiser disclaims liability for any accident, material damages, theft as well as 2nd and 3rd party liability.
PARTICIPANT will participate at his/her sole risk.
Accomodation: Free camping is possible at headquarters in the courtyard of the old school (grassy field) of Kastania village. Toilet & kitchen facilities and shower with warm water are available.
Hotels in the city of Servia and the surrounding areas:
Kastro         Tel:    0030-24640-22992
Kamboura    Tel:  0030-24640-22070
Panellinion   Tel:  0030-24640-21551
Προβολή Directions (Greece Open 2010) σε χάρτη μεγαλύτερου μεγέθους
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