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17th FAI European Hang Gliding Championship 2010

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Flying in the Àger area

Àger is home to two main competition launches. Access to the launches is by a newly surfaced forest road that winds up the mountain in a series of hairpin bends. It takes approximately 30 minutes to get from HQ at Campimg Vall D'Àger to the main Coll D'Ares launch.

Coll D'Ares main launch
Coll D'Ares main launch

Coll d'Ares:
Altitude: 1586m
GPS: 31T 313555, 4657599
Height to the Camping landing field: 980m.
The main launch at Àger, big enough for more than 100 gliders to set up and launch. It faces south but will also take a south-westerly round to west wind by using the shoulder above the shoulder above the road as a start point. In easterly wind it is in the lee, so its better to use the Sant Alis launch further along the road to the east.

Sant Alis launch
Sant Alis launch

Sant Alís:
Altitude: 1675m
GPS: 31T 315237, 4656809
Height to the Camping landing field: 1070m.
Situated at the apex of the ridge Sant Alis offers an incredible panoramic view of the mountains of Montseny, Moncayo, Guara, the Pyrenees from Navarra to Girona, Montserrat, Monte Caro, Prades and the Montsant mountain range.
Tha ramp is no longer in use but paragliders can be launched just to the left. Faces south east. Dangerous in west winds.

Official landing fields

Camp Pla D'Agulló:
GPS: 31T 311841, 4653618
Located on the old road between Àger and Agulló, this is the main competition goal field. The huge size (300m x 300m) means that it is possible to land in all directions although generally an east-west / west-east approach is preferred. Please be aware that this field is closed while under crops, normally July - October.

Vertet Landing Field:
Altitude: 606m
GPS: 31T 315079, 4652814  
The main landing field next to Camping Vall D'Àger. It is a large rectangular field of 200m x 50 m, oriented west - east. There are windsocks at the western end, but also watch the row of flags next to the childrens play area of Camping for a better indication. Be aware of possible turbulence from the trees surrounding camping in a north wind.

Camp Pla de Mates:
Altitude: 720m
GPS: 31T 313660, 4654400
The microlight field at Can Maciarol next to the road up to launch. There is a huge aviation windsock but be aware of light aircraft landing & taking off!

Sant Alis launch
'Vertet' the campsite landing field

A high alternative or emergency landing field is located on the plateau below the main Coll D'Ares launch.

Camp de Tarrits Landing Field: (otherwise known as 'Camp 300')
Altitude: 1289m
GPS: 31T 313452, 4656826
This is a large landing field situated on the plateau below the main launch at Coll D'Ares approximately 300m below the take off. It is used when there is not enough height to clear the front of the plateau. Be aware that thermals breaking off in front of this field may cause either 'dead air' or sudden changes in wind direction.

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